Assessment 4 · CMWP

Peer Review

It was a great time that we spent watching other groups’ work. Although there are some mistakes, it was impressive most of the time. Here in this blog, I’m trying to review other groups’ work and get my eyes and myself to be critical because this is one important way to learn.

The first project I’m reviewing is Musicorum. In this video, I liked the editing the most; it gave the video a light feeling as it is a short one and kept me interested in the different point of views of multiple nationalities. The other positive aspect is offline marketing, which opened my eyes on a new level of promoting our project. Musicorum’s group created a board that looks like Instagram’s interface, and they’ve been asking people to take a picture in it, then post it on their Instagram page which made them gain some followers.

There are not many negative aspects of the Musicorum video. However, I think they didn’t do well in terms of choosing that background. It has so many faces and so much going on that the viewer gets distracted. People usually attracted by the eyes and when there are many eyes, it is hard to focus on the speaker’s face especially that large red face on the left. I think it can be fixed in post-production in some technique. The faces can be partly blurred so it can look like faces but not as sharp as it is, especially the eyes. The other way that I’m not sure if it’ll work is by cutting part of the frame where the face is in the poster.

The other project that I’m reviewing is Expression. Also in this video, I liked the editing and the way they put the girl counting along between scenes. Overall, I liked the idea of the video. On the other hand, I don’t think the music is suitable. Although the story of the documentary is dramatic somehow, the music has an extream dramatic feeling more than it should be.


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