Assessment 4 · CMWP

Why Transmedia is important

Jordan Weisman, a game designer, sees transmedia as the use of multiple media fragments to reveal a previously unknown, or unexpected, hidden story. (Dowd, 2015)

The new generation is a new kind of consumers who don’t want to find their contents in one place. However, they are willing to be hooked by the first platform; then they will seek more of the story and the characters in other places. The audience these days want to participate in the story not just watch it. For example, the famous ABC series “LOST” was a huge success. It wasn’t limited to the episodes; they created a website to extend the worlds and characters to deepen the relationship with the fans. The transmedia creative was not made for only one audience, for instance, a film audience. However, it is for many audiences over multiple platforms, usually simultaneously.

Creative creators have back stories of the main or even the minor character; they can make a whole new storyline on a different platform by deepening the way of thinking about the characters and their world. Media companies are not the first one who pushed transmedia, the audience’s desire always drives the need for expanding a character or a world to another platform. The new generation has grown up consuming a character for example on different platforms, and they are expecting it as a regular thing. For instance, kids who grow up consuming Pokemon across the media are expecting the same with no media privileged over any other. (Jenkins, 2003)

Transmedia makes economic sense. Different media attract different markets, TV and films are the largest markets while comics and games are the narrowest. A wise transmedia choice is the one that attracts a wider audience by putting the content differently on every platform. If every media gives a fresh experience that is different, then the audience would be hungry for more. (Jenkins, 2003)




Dowd, T. (2015). Storytelling Across Worlds. 1st ed. Focal Press.

Jenkins, H. (2003). Transmedia Storytelling. technology review. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 May 2017].


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