Assessment 3 · CMWP

Working on Social Media Strategy

I worked mainly on the social media strategy for the digital story. It was a challenge to promote a project without having a content, which required us to find some methods to help attract an audience.

Piggybacking was one way to create content that may draw people based on the research they are doing. It is defined as an
“old term describing a form of marketing collaboration
between two firms”, Which means in our case that we look for content that is published by popular websites, and when people search for these websites they will find our posts on social media. (Terpstra and J. Yu, 1990)

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the platforms that we chose to promote our project. I have been listening to podcasts that are related to culture in general and re-post them on our social media accounts. Also, I’ve followed their social media accounts to interact with people who are interested in listening to podcasts as we almost have the same audience.Until now we’ve only used free options in social media which was fun to challenge ourselves and see how much organic results we can get. Usually, people gave up so fast if they couldn’t find the page they are looking for. Therefore we set our social media accounts and the website with the same name to help the audience find us qui(Batesole, 2017)ckly.

One of the tools that I used to stay updated with related content on the internet is Google Alerts, which allowed me to find some content that I can post. Although there was not much material coming from that, it is still a great tool as it doesn’t require any effort except setting the alert for one time.

Offline marketing is one important way that I did after we published the podcast. The offline marketing needs to be linked to the online platforms. I used QR code and printed it and put it around the campus.

Finally, there is one way of marketing that I had a small chance to do on Twitter which is newsjacking. It is the process of injecting the brand into the every day’s news, creating some twist that grabs people’s attention. (Scott, 2013)




Batesole, B. (2017). Understanding the value of social media marketing. [image] Available at: [Accessed 28 May 2017].

Scott, D. (2013). Newsjacking. 1st ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.

Terpstra, V. and J. Yu, C. (1990). Piggybacking: A Quick Road to Internationalisation. International Marketing Review, 7(4).


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