Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

Colour Grade

As it’s clear in this picture that it has a low-key lighting, which made me try to fill the dark side of the face by colour grading and changing the brightness and the white balance.
In picture one, I tried to raise the brightness, but the result is this too bright clip.
In image two, I increased the brightness as well and added some blue colour to balance the temperature. I think this clip has the best result of the three.
In the last picture, I tried to add different colours to experiment and add some dramatic feel to the clip.


It was interesting to test different colour grading with a variety of skin tones. In picture one, I didn’t do much except adding intensity to the colours.
In image two I raised the temperature which added a dramatic look that goes along with the dark skin.
The last picture is more likely to be suitable for an interview, even though it still has these sharp lines that give it a dramatic feel.


In this clip, it was slightly hard to have a final result. The reason is that there are two people in the frame and both have two different lighting, which made it uneasy to have satisfying results.
In picture two, I tried to hide the sharp lines on the interviewees’ faces to give the soft lighting feel.
The last image I played with the clip and gave it the flashback feel.


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