Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

Forbidden Lies

The first 30 seconds of the clip we only see some scenes with music and sound that is mixed in post-production, there is no sound recorded in the set. In the first 12 seconds, we can hear music and birds sound that are recorded separately and added later in post-production. Birds sounds are recorded as an atmosphere and then added to the footage in post. Birds sounds disappear after high music that is layered on top of it; then we hear the sound of the car that is recorded separately. Then the car’s sound stops when the shot changes to the inside of the car. After that, there is the scarf sound that the woman throws from the car and then hitting the ground, it is a sound effect that is created artificially and then added later.
The next shot there is a woman wearing abaya and walking in a desert. I can hear the sound of the fabric moving from the wind, and I think it is a sound effect that is added in post-production. Also, there is a wind sound that might be a sound effect or recorded atmos. At the very end of the scene, there is a click sound that stops the music.

A character is speaking, and her sound is recorded on the set by a boom microphone and a sound recorder. The picture is changing, but the sound continues from the interview, later while she is talking there is a sound of the call for prayer which I believe is recorded and layered in post production. The sound of the interviewee continues while the picture is changing without any additional sound, then the picture is back to the interview where is the original sound comes from.

Another interview which is recorded by a boom microphone and a sound recorder. We can hear a sound of birds which I think is recorded at the same time as they record the interviewee as they are setting outside. Then there is Norma Khouri reading from a book, and suddenly there is a sound of a camera shutter to indicate that there is a lie captured. The sound of the camera shutter is a sound effect that is added in post.

Back to the first interviewee, she is reading a particular part of the book, and the sound is mixed with Norma Khouri’s voice while she is reading the same part. Although it is not obvious how Norma’s sound is recorded, I think they used a lapel microphone. The sound is layered with almost the same level. Norma continues talking with some sound effects in the background that are layered in post-production.
Then the first interviewee continues talking, and she appears for seconds before the picture changes to a street when we start hearing the street sound that is recorded separately and then mixed later with some sound effects as well.

There is a scene where an interviewee talking on the phone and the sound in that scene is recorded by a boom microphone and a sound recorder. Then, the other interviewee is back for seconds then her sound is mixed with hair dryer and other sounds from a hair salon. The background sounds are recorded individually and mixed later in post. All sounds in the next scenes are recorded while they were shooting, except when they were talking to the owner of the cafe, the background sound was recorded separately as atmos and then mixed in post-production. After that, there is a voiceover of Norma which I believe is recorded separately. Later in the clip, there are a couple of sounds that are recorded and then added to the sound in post-production which are:
– The sound of the money notes and the coins.
– A camera shutter.
– A hand searching in a wardrobe.
– A lighter.
– A page flipping
– A sound effect of a building under construction.


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