Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

Mini Documentary: Interviews

Interview Video


The day before the shooting we tried to prepare the set and test the lighting. Also, to get familiar with the lighting kit as it was the first time we use them. Setting the lighting wasn’t the only thing we did. We experimented with lighting and tried it in different moods.

In this shooting, we didn’t have a script as in the Vox-pop interviews, which made it hard to stick to the topic. Especially without any preparation about the topic “Home”. Regarding the lighting, it was a slightly hard to set a proper one with five people or more. We needed more lighting kit. Also, it wasn’t easy to have so many interviewees with only one boom directional microphone.
The mistake that we made is not taking any listening shots which made the editing pointless as we took one long shot of the interview.

In this stage, we didn’t use our footage because there weren’t any listening shots as I mentioned. The problem was that the footage we used also doesn’t have listening shots, and the interview wasn’t proper for editing. The reason is that the interviewees talked a lot off topic and it was not a sharp interview. It made me confused with some parts of the footage whether if they’re part of the interview or is it off topic.
I’m completely unsatisfied with the result in this exercise, but we learn from our mistakes.


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