Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

Mini Documentary: Vox Pop

Vox Pop Version 1

Vox Pop Version 2

Vox Pop Version 3


In this stage, we didn’t do enough preparation. The day before we tried to test our roles for tomorrow’s shooting and we went for location scouting to choose a set based on people’s traffic and the lighting. We read the questions and decided how many we are asking every interviewee.

As we started shooting after 5:30 PM there were not many people in the location, and we needed the traffic, so we had to change the location which affected the lighting. The low-key lighting with the sharp lines gave unnecessary drama to the shooting, which we don’t need as we are shooting a Vox-pop interview. I think this problem can be fixed by setting a reflector or a panel to fill the dark side of the interviewee, which is a solution that is cheap and easy to hold.
We asked the interviewees to repeat part of the question so the editing would be easier. However, not all of them did, which I think because some of them were nervous in front of the camera. The others did it at the beginning then they forgot, and we were embarrassed to ask again.

At the day we were supposed to be editing the Vox-pop, I didn’t attend the tutorial which cost me not finding the footage later. I looked for them even in my group’s members folders, but I only found a folder named Vox-pop footage with four groups. I used one of the other group’s footage.
In the footage I’ve used, the interviewer talked while the interviewees were talking which made it hard to edit. Also, the time between the question and the answer was too short for cutting. Layering the images added a lot to the video, especially when the interviewee was talking about a certain place. The music, on the other hand, wasn’t suitable for this type of videos. It felt a bit romantic which wasn’t the case. Also, there was an issue with the sound. The distance between the boom and the interviewee wasn’t the same which required changing the sound levels in post.



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