Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

No Direction Home

Although I haven’t watched this film, I can predict what the director is trying to present to the viewers. The clip starts with an old Bob Dylan concert which delivers a feeling that this film is going to share Bob Dylan’s whole history. Then it cuts to that foggy forest, which I felt it gave me a sensation of time travelling as the old Bob Dylan talking about stopping time and we hear one of his songs.

The picture of Bob Dylan’s childhood house with “Many years earlier” caption continues to give the history of Dylan’s music talent. He shares the story about the first guitar he played which he found when he was ten years old. With young pictures of him, Dylan continues talking about listening to the first record in his life. The way Bob Dylan was describing his feelings, shows that his talent was natural and he was born to be a musician. The clip editing was fascinating. It is nostalgic as the editor added pictures of a young Bob Dylan and his family house where he spent his childhood there.

After Bob Dylan had talked about the beginnings of his music life, he moved on to the geographic place where his talent started to grow. There are some footages of an old town and a land while Dylan was talking about them. Every time he speaks about something, there is a picture or a video presented. It delivers the whole experience to viewers who are watching and make them feel closer to Bob Dylan’s life. It gives a feeling that he is setting with you and showing you a box of old pictures of him.

The experiences that he had enriched his life and taste of music which gives us a hint of his life and career journey. He worked with his father and uncle at music equipment shop that they owned. This experience gave him the sense of responsibility as close as it gets to music. Bob Dylan had so many life experiences that made him open to many types of music. He evolved from folk singer to protest singer to “voice of a generation” to a rock star.


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