Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

Forbidden Lies

The first 30 seconds of the clip we only see some scenes with music and sound that is mixed in post-production, there is no sound recorded in the set. In the first 12 seconds, we can hear music and birds sound that are recorded separately and added later in post-production. Birds sounds are recorded as… Continue reading Forbidden Lies

Assessment 3 · Sound and Image

No Direction Home

Although I haven't watched this film, I can predict what the director is trying to present to the viewers. The clip starts with an old Bob Dylan concert which delivers a feeling that this film is going to share Bob Dylan's whole history. Then it cuts to that foggy forest, which I felt it gave… Continue reading No Direction Home

Assessment 4 · CMWP

promoting non-profit by using Twitter

Twitter is one of the important platforms that can be used to promote non-profit projects. However, there is a fault that needs the practice to master which is the 140 characters that are known as a tweet. Twitter started as a new way of texting friends and evolved to become the tool that used during… Continue reading promoting non-profit by using Twitter

Assessment 4 · CMWP

Developing a Mood Board

A mood board which sometimes called an inspirational board is a print or screen document that contains images, texts, patterns and sometimes objects. The main goal of mood boards is to focus on the design process. Mood boards are about the atmosphere that the design will create. Although mood boards might have texts, they will… Continue reading Developing a Mood Board

Assessment 2 · Sound and Image

A Scene of choice: Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning Scene The scene that I've chosen is from Alan Parker's film Mississippi Burning 1988, which won an Oscar for best cinematography. Watching this movie is 2 hours of full entertainment. In this post, I am deconstructing a scene from Mississippi Burning that has three actors Willem Dafoe, Gene Hackman and Kevin Dunn. The… Continue reading A Scene of choice: Mississippi Burning