Assessment 4 · CMWP

Peer Review

It was a great time that we spent watching other groups' work. Although there are some mistakes, it was impressive most of the time. Here in this blog, I'm trying to review other groups' work and get my eyes and myself to be critical because this is one important way to learn. The first project… Continue reading Peer Review

Assessment 3 · CMWP

Working on Social Media Strategy

I worked mainly on the social media strategy for the digital story. It was a challenge to promote a project without having a content, which required us to find some methods to help attract an audience. Piggybacking was one way to create content that may draw people based on the research they are doing. It… Continue reading Working on Social Media Strategy

Assessment 4 · CMWP

promoting non-profit by using Twitter

Twitter is one of the important platforms that can be used to promote non-profit projects. However, there is a fault that needs the practice to master which is the 140 characters that are known as a tweet. Twitter started as a new way of texting friends and evolved to become the tool that used during… Continue reading promoting non-profit by using Twitter

Assessment 4 · CMWP

Developing a Mood Board

A mood board which sometimes called an inspirational board is a print or screen document that contains images, texts, patterns and sometimes objects. The main goal of mood boards is to focus on the design process. Mood boards are about the atmosphere that the design will create. Although mood boards might have texts, they will… Continue reading Developing a Mood Board

Assessment 4 · CMWP

(IoT) and the Concept of Privacy

It is not easy to have a definition of privacy. The borders of it are not specified, and what constitutes a privacy violation?. It differs between countries and cultures, and in general, it varies between people's personalities and individuals based on their occupation and position. Besides, defining privacy is getting more complicated within the advanced… Continue reading (IoT) and the Concept of Privacy

Assessment 4 · CMWP

How Culture Affects Metaphor Design

The framework of designing a website is mostly about (GILT) which consists of Globalization, Internalisation, Localisation and Translation. Cultures around the world define how websites will look. (Marcus, 2015) When building a website, the designers should consider the globalisation and the differences between cultures. The more the site is acknowledging this diversity, the more people… Continue reading How Culture Affects Metaphor Design

Assessment 2 · CMWP

Writing an Engaging Non-Fiction Transcript

Working on a non-fiction script has some obstacles that we needed to consider while we were working on it. Non-fiction usually has a little more heavy lifting to do more than fiction due to many reasons. One of the explanations is that non-fiction mostly needs to educate viewers or make them act towards what they… Continue reading Writing an Engaging Non-Fiction Transcript

Assessment 4 · CMWP

Targeted Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is considered one of the most efficient tools in online marketing; it is easy and mostly affordable. However, it needs a strategy to benefit from its advantages. Targeting a particular audience is the main important thing in advertising campaigns. This can be done via using data that is provided by Facebook, or data that… Continue reading Targeted Advertising on Facebook